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How to edit your website content
How to edit your website content

How to add content to your site, edit existing pages and upload images

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This is the article on how to edit content using the legacy editor. For using the new page builder please view the help document on using the page builder.

Training Tilt comes with a simple yet powerful Content Management System which allows you to create and manage your website. You can edit text and images using a simple editor control.

First login to your site and go to your website.

Then navigate around your website to find sections of content you wish to edit. 

If you are logged in, all editable areas will have an "Edit Content" button visible above the editable area. To edit an area simply click the button and the editor will appear.

You will have the option of using the current editor or trying the page builder.

Using the current editor

Put your cursor in front of the area you want to edit.

Add or update the text you want to appear on your website.

If there are any text you want to delete, highlight the words/sentences.  Then delete them.

Then press save.

You may also edit pages with the editor that pops up.  You can just type your changes to the text, or use the HTML tools for more advanced functions.

You can also upload images by using the images item from the tool bar. Use the Choose file button to select your image. To replace the default images in the template just select them first then click the image button in the tool bar.

Click the + button too upload an image, after uploading it will then appear in the image list. Select the image and click the insert button.

Then to save your content just click the save button at the bottom of the editable area.

Advanced users with some HTML coding skills can use the code window to make changes directly to the html

To create content and pages much faster you can use the built in templates we have provided from the "Insert Html" dropdown. First click inside the editor where you want to add the html then select from the dropdown list.

For good page design avoid using custom colors on the page, and just allow your color scheme to control the font colors.

Rule of thumb is to just use the available styles from the "Format" dropdown. Just use the available heading options and the paragraph options just as you would when using a word processor. Google and other search engines will read your pages logically from heading one, heading two etc so it's important to maintain a good structure for good search engine results.

Using the page builder

You can add sections or change the layout of the page.  Just scroll down on your list of optioin.

Then select the layout and drag and drop to the main part of the editor.

You move this section up or down of your layout by pressing the button with the 4-way arrows.

You can also edit the coding if you are familiar with HTML by pressing the < > button.

A pop up will allow you to edit the current code or copy-paste a new code.  When you're all set, press OK.  

You can duplicate this layout and attach to the bottom of the section by pressing the + button.

If you don't want the section you've created, you can delete it by pressing the X button.  

If you don't want to delete the section, click on Cancel.  But if you want to confirm the deletion, press OK. 

You can link an online image by clicking on link, if you are not happy with the placeholder.  

A pop up will appear where you can paste the image's URL.  Press OK to confirm.

If you have an image saved on your computer, you can upload your image by clicking on the camera icon.  

Select your image then click Open.

Once you save and refresh your website, you will see the changes you have made to the page.

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