How to point your domain name to your site

Training Tilt allows you to point a custom domain to your Training Tilt site if you already have a domain or a thinking about buying one like or a subdomain like 

The steps in this article will be slightly different depending on who you have your domain name hosted with. If you need any help with this the first point of call should be your domain name provider.

Instructions for a sub-domain

For a sub domain of your main domain e.g or you just need to create one CNAME record. Because it's a sub domain you can choose anything you want for the first part of the domain depending on what suits your business best. e.g training, club, members etc.

e.g that points to

or that points to

Just remember to replace the bit to be your actual domain.

Instructions for a full domain

If you want to point your top level full domain to your Training Tilt site then you need to 

Create/Modify two A records for your domain

This is not the preferred option but may be the only option your domain name provider allows. Check with them first as they may be able to complete option one for you even if they don't allow it through their administrative portal. In the instructions below ensure you swap out any reference to to your actual domain.

  1. Get yourself a domain. There are many many providers out there. 
  2. Once you've chosen and purchased your domain, login to their administrative portal and navigate to the section where you can change your DNS Zone records.
  3. Create or change the A record for you domain to point to the IP address You need to ensure that there is only one record regardless of type (CNAME or A) from to avoid any conflicts.
  4. Create a new TXT record for your domain that points to
  5. Create or change the existing CNAME record but this time from that points to This is to make sure the www version and the non-www version both work..
  6. Now just send an email to us at and we will take care of the rest. Ensure you include the new domain name and the your existing training tilt sub-domain in the email.


Some providers require you to enter your full domain or sub-domain when creating the records


Others only require you to add the bit at the front and they will add the rest for you. In the example below @ represents your main domain


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