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How to sell downloadable products in your store
How to sell downloadable products in your store

How to add files to your platform and link them to products in your online store for purchase and download

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Downloadable products are great for adding to your online store to generate passive income from your business. E-books, pdf guides, nutritional guides are all great ideas for products. 

Simply add a file to your Files list from the admin menu and then create a product in the store and link it to the downloadable file. To ensure only those who purchase the product can download the file set the file as hidden when you create it in your files list.

Uploading the File

You can upload a file from the Content

Then go to the Files menu. 

Next, scroll through the files to confirm your downloadable product is there.

If it's not, upload the file.

Once uploaded, you should then see it on the list.  Click the edit icon.

Then set the file as "hidden" so members cannot download it unless they have purchased it. If you'd prefer to make the product free for your existing members then you can just leave that box unchecked.

Creating the Product

When creating a product in the store you can simply link the product to the file you created under the "Plans/Downloads" tabs.

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