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How to set up Google Analytics
How to set up Google Analytics

How to setup Google Analytics so you can track visitors to your website

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You can track traffic to your Training Tilt website by using google analytics, you must first setup your google analytics account then use your Google Analytics Measurement Id to configure the tracking in Training Tilt.

You can find your tracking id in your Google Analytics account. First find you GA property in Google analytics and type "Measurement ID" in the search box. Then copy the measurement Id. It should start with G-

Login to Training Tilt and go to Settings.  

Next, go to the Platform Settings page

Go to Website and Design and the SEO and Google Analytics section.

Go to Edit of Google Analytics Tracking ID (GA 4).

Enter your Measurement ID, then press save.

Alternatively contact support and we can set up a Google analytics account for you and give you access.

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