Choosing a theme

Log into your Training Tilt Platform.

Select Settings.

Select Platform Settings.

Click on Website Theme

There are a number of "Themes" which offer different page layouts for your site.  You can scroll down to look at your options.

If you see something you are interested in, you can click on the "Preview this theme" button to see what your site would look like using a different theme.

Once you find a them you like, click the "Apply this theme" button.  You'll also notice that the tick box is now checked.

Your site will now be using the new theme.  You can change themes at any time.

Choosing your color scheme

Scroll down from the website theme where you will see "Color Scheme".  If you don't want to scroll down, you also have the option of selecting the "Color Scheme" option on the menu.

To choose a Color Scheme select "Color Scheme" from the "Website Design" section in the settings page to review the available color schemes. Your current color scheme will show above the other available schemes. Hover your mouse over each colored boxes to see how that color will be applied to your site. Click the "Preview this scheme" button to see how your site would look using that color scheme. Once you have found a color scheme you like click the "Apply this scheme" button. Your site will now be using the new color scheme. You can change your color scheme at any time.

Additionally if you want more advanced color scheme options you can click on the "Configure custom color scheme" button.

You will then be able to use the color picker controls to assign custom colors for each element of the color scheme. If you have had your branding professionally designed you may be able to get the exact hexidecimal or RGB color codes from your graphic designers, in which case you can just type the 6 digit alpha numeric codes or the RGB codes into the text boxes. More information on hexidecimal and RGB color codes your can be found here. Once you have set the appropriate codes click the "Save custom Color scheme" button. Your site will now be using a custom color scheme. You can come back to the color scheme settings at any time and reset your custom color scheme to one of our pre-defined color schemes.

Please note

You configure your custom website color scheme separately to your Member area color scheme. 

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