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Sending Clients Payment Requests
Sending Clients Payment Requests

How to generate adhoc payment requests and send them to your clients for payment via credit and debit cards

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You can use the "New Payment" menu item to send a new payment request or the "Payments/Orders" item to view the list of payments and requests. This includes orders from your online store too.

To get to New Payment or Payments/Orders, Click on E-commerce.

Next click on either New Payment or Payments/orders.

To send a payment you can click an existing client from either the Members search list
or the contacts list, or simply just type in your clients email address and first and last names.

Type what the payment is for in the "Payment Details" box and optionally include a personal message to the client .

Once the payment is sent you can see it in the list as a pending payment. You can resend with the envelope icon. Once it's paid it shows as being paid and can no longer be resent or deleted. If for some reason the client is not receiving the automated emails you can copy the payment link from the item in the list and send it to them by personal email.

You can click on the eye icon to view the details of the payment.

This is what the payment screen looks like from client perspective.

And that's it. Get paid quickly and easily online wherever your clients are in the world in almost any currency.
Note: as with all Stripe transactions the payments are subject to Stripes normal transaction fees + a small Training Tilt transaction fee (Check the payments page in the platform for the current rate).

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