Events can  be linked to groups so members will only see the events linked to groups they are members of. You can also create custom pages to render a calendar to only show events from a specific group.

Linking a group to an event

To link a group to an event create or edit an existing event. 

From the home page, select "Communication" > "Events".

To create an event, select New Event.  You can also edit an already created event by clicking on Past Event

Be sure to fill out all of the details and then scroll down to the bottom.

Click on Select Groups

You'll see a list of your groups.  Choose which one(s) you'd like to exclude from the event.

In the sample below, no only members of the "Auckland Squad" group will see this event in the events list and events calendar.  Click Save.

Creating a new page to render a groups events

You can create a new members page by creating a new "custom page".  First you will need to get the unique identifier for the group you want to use.

To do this, you first want to go to the People menu.

Next, select Client Groups

Select the group you want to get the unique identifier for by clicking on the edit button.

Copy the Unique Identifier (from the 1st number to the last).

Now, you can create a new members page by creating a new "custom page".

Check the "custom link" box.

Create the appropriate title and fill out the icon code as Calendar.

For the custom link, type in: /membership/scheuduledevents?groupId= then paste the Unique Identifier code.

If your code is: 8e54f1e6-d38a-4b46-9da0-6059ecb7ca5a then your custom link will be:  /membership/scheuduledevents?groupId=8e54f1e6-d38a-4b46-9da0-6059ecb7ca5a 

Click save and the new calendar page will appear in the members menu. 

The header of the new events page/calendar will be appended with the name of the group.

Note at this stage filtered calendars are only available on the web version. In the mobile version events will be filtered based on whether the user is a member of any linked groups.

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