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20161002 Stripe Shopping Cart and General Online Store enhancements
20161002 Stripe Shopping Cart and General Online Store enhancements
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Online store layout improvements

We've made some improvements to spruce up the look and feel on the online store feature. The product search now includes a "card" layout to better showcase your products and training plans in your online store. The product detail page now also has a better layout including a new image gallery.
The product category filters are now smarter and only categories with currently active products will appear on the product search pages.

New Product List

Stripe Gateway Shopping Cart

Those using the Stripe payment gateway will have a shopping cart feature enabled in the online store, where customers can add multiple products to the store including both physical and digital products like training plans and then checkout and pay for all the items at once. This should help increase revenue and make it easier for customers to buy more of your products at once.

Shopping Cart

Receipt page with download buttons for training plans

Flat Rate Shipping settings for Stripe gateway

For those using the Stripe gateway it is now possible to configure flat rate shipping that will override any shipping costs on individual products and allow for a single shipping price for an entire shopping cart.

Flat Rate Shipping settings

You can configure flat rate shipping for multiple currencies, these settings will override any individual shipping rates in a customers shopping cart.

Flat Rate Shipping applied to shopping cart

Flat rate shipping will automatically be applied to a customers cart and override any other shipping costs against individual products.

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