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Notes about our features, bug fixes and releases

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20211012 Select and Delete Multiple Workouts + New Calendar Design
Sample threshold values to display actual Power, Pace, HR and Speed while building workouts
20210922 E-Commerce Product and Membership Plan Improvements
20210915 Cadence in Structured Workouts
20210911 Training Zones Added to Calculators
20210825 Distance now available in Structured workouts
20210817 Send Workouts to Garmin Calendar
20210707 Manually Sync Garmin Workouts
20210630 Workout Builder Enhancements + Save and Update to Library
20210624 Weekly Volume in Day View
20210616 New Membership Plan Fields, Payment Page Layout and Custom Content
202100604 New Style for Dashboard Features + Categorized Notes
20210529 Notes and Replies Improvements
20210511 Form Enhancements
20210503 Feature Security Deny Access
20210414 Searchable Plan and Group Selection
20210408 Bug Fix Password Reset on New iOS
20210320 Link Invitation/Subscription to existing members
20210318 Resize Content based on Widgets
20210317 Workout Builder Step Text Events
20210223 Deny Access to Custom Pages
20210311 Managing Custom Styles and Menus with the Coaching Tools Plan
20210310 Signup History Improvements and Two-way Stripe Cancellations
20210212 Garmin Sync Bug Fixes and Improvements
20210104 Recipe Security and Event Date Time Zones
20201203 Structured Workout Hover
20201029 Training Zones
20201008 Imperial Height and Weight + Fix issue with Duplicate Plan application
20200922 Accessibility Improvements to Public Website Feature
20200921 External Website Setting
20200916 MAF HR and Sweat Rate Calculators
20200910 Fixed Bug with new Garmin Devices
20200906 Training Plan Search Improvements
20200824 Show or Hide Training Volume Charts
20200809 Filtered View for Social Posts
20200730 Page Redirects
20200713 Workout Sync Improvement
20200706 External Website Setting + New Strava Workout Types
20200627 Repeat of weeks in edit mode
Structured Workout Builder
20191230 Training Calendar Infinite Scroll
20200504 Export to TrainingPeaks format + bug fixes
20191118 Color Coded Day View
20191111 Workout Maps
20191104 Garmin and Strava Scores + Calendar Enhancements
20191025 Delete Athlete Workouts By Day and Week
Custom Workout Types
20190604 Total Elevation Gain Chart
20190605 Active Campaign Integration
20190502 New Training Plan View
20190114 Interactive Training Plan Store
20190327 Separate Workout Notification Settings
20190314 Export an Athlete Calendar to a Training Plan
20190124 Files Attached to Workout Library
20181220 New Client Selector and Navigation
20181217 New Coaching Dashboard
20181206 Hide Export to PDF Button
20181203 Photos in Social Feeds
20181130 Coaches Menu Changes
20181124 Reset password or retrieve username from mobile apps
20181124 New Versions of Icons
20181204 Reply to Options and Workout Hover
20181102 Contact Form Spam Prevention Enhancements
20181019 Apply Group Bulk Tasks
20181003 Bug Fix Garmin Sync
20181002 Hiding Training Plan Workouts
20180820 - Hide Future Workouts from Athletes
20180712 Data Enrichment
20180710 Smoother Signup Flow
20180524 Training Statistics
20180515-2 Privacy Compliance Tools
20180515-1 Sending forms to clients and private form links
20180504 Submitted Forms List and History
20180427 Apply Plans to Multiple Athletes or Groups
20180425 Sync Laps from Strava
201800417 Require Members to Email to Cancel
20180411 Switching Customer Membership Plans
20180329 Specify Meters or Yard Distances
20180323 Facebook Standard Events Enhancements
20180227 Custom Training Categories and Inline Help.
20180220 Bug fix: date issue on workouts
20180214 Importing Workouts and Training Plans from a spreadsheet or TrainingPeaks
20180205 Copying Training Sessions Between Athletes + Bug fixes
20180123 Beta version of new plan builder
20180115 Athletes Applying Plans via Apps
20171226 Product Display order and Shopping List enhancements
20171221 Filtering Content in Apps
20171218 Rich Text for Notes and goals
20171206 Custom Scripts and Facebook Conversion Events
20171124 Hiding Navigation for Higher Converting Landing Pages
20171122 Training Plan Add-Ons and Membership Plan advanced settings
20171103 Days an Dates on Calendar View
20171031 Upcoming Payment Reminders
20171025 Duplicating a Form
20171024 Multiple Stripe Accounts
20171002 Card View For Membership Files
20170929 Beta Page Editor
20170928 Workout Library Exports
20170911 Allow Free Recurring and Fixed Membership Plans
20170907 Training and Nutrition Plan PDF Exports
20170824 Articles Published Date Field
20170821 Coach Accounts and Permissions
20170818 Private Training Plans
20170808 Category Filters
20170731 Event Group Filtering and Calendars
20170728 Forum Replies Notifications
20170726 Banner Images, Videos and Captions
20170723 Events: Recurring Events and Time
20170622 Hidden Products
20170618 New Training Plan Bulk Tasks
20170525 Drip email subscriptions and multiple flat rate shipping options
20170516 Card View for Articles, Videos and Blogs
20170327 Bulk Messages to Groups
20170127 Training Plans - Copying Weeks and Days
20161118 Youtube Playlist Widget and Athlete Note Email Notifications
20161113 Workouts - Multiple videos and improved list and detail layout
20161105 Voucher Expiry Dates and Downloadable Products
20161002 Stripe Shopping Cart and General Online Store enhancements
20160703 Adhoc Payment Requests "Getting Paid"
20160625 Coaches and Admin Privileges + Events Widget
20160614 RSS Feed widget
20160606 Feature Security, Pinterest Widget and Social Buttons
20160515 Contacts and Exports
20160423 Password Reset and Link Member to Membership Plan