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20160625 Coaches and Admin Privileges + Events Widget
20160625 Coaches and Admin Privileges + Events Widget
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Coaches and Admin Privileges

We've had quite a few requests for the ability to allow only some coaches full admin rights to a Training Tilt platform. It's a good way to ensure some of your coaching staff don't accidentally change some of the admin settings in the site.

From now on when adding a coach to the platform you will need to check the "Platform Admin" checkbox if you want the coach to have full admin access to your platform.

Coaches without admin access will still be able to search for members and contacts, create resources like articles, videos, tips and training plans. But they won't be able to change anything on the billing, platform settings, membership plans or online store.

Now when the coach without platform admin rights logs the menu items they do not have access to will be greyed out.

Upcoming Events Widget

We've released another new widget that shows the upcoming scheduled events from your events calendar. You can switch it on in the platform settings page.

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