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20160515 Contacts and Exports
20160515 Contacts and Exports
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It is now possible to create "contacts" within your Training Tilt platform. A simple way to record details of prospective clients and also customers that purchase from your online store but are not listed as athletes within your platform.

You can manually create a contact in your platform if you wish and you can also add text notes to each contact.

If a visitor to your site purchases something from your store then they will automatically be added as a contact if they do not already exist (Note this automation is only available when using the Stripe payment gateway in the store).

The menu has changed slightly and a new parent menu item "People" contains a list of child menu items.

The Contacts list looks a lot like the Members list. All existing members will have a contact record automatically generated. A member is always linked to a contact automatically but a contact does not need to be linked to a Member account.

You can create new contact by clicking the create button

You can add notes to a contact using the notes tab

Adding a new note

Member and Contacts Export

You can now export your contacts or you members to a CSV file which you can use to open in Excel or import to other platforms. For example, you could export all your members to an email marketing platform like MailChimp.

There is new "Export to CSV" buttons on both the Members and Contacts list pages.

Contacts Export

Members Export

The CSV will be downloaded 

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