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20160423 Password Reset and Link Member to Membership Plan
20160423 Password Reset and Link Member to Membership Plan
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Password Reset

We've made the password reset functionality easier to use with a different reset flow.

Previously you would reset your password and the system would generate a new password for you. The password being generated by a computer was typically over complex and easy to forget. And then you would need to change it to some thing more memorable.

The new process has an easier flow and rather than generating a new password allows you to choose your own password.

First go to the login page of the site you are using and click on the "Forgotten password" link

Now enter your username and we will send you an email with a secure link

When you get the email follow the link to the reset password page. Now you can enter and confirm your password.

That's it your done and can now login

If you are using our membership plan features you can now manually create a member and link them to a membership plan. This will give the member access to all the resources associated with the membership plan including training plans. It will also assign the correct group access and assign an expiry date for the account if the membership plan is of a fixed period eg 30 days.

While you are manually creating a member just select he plan from the list which now appears on the member edit page.

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