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20170907 Training and Nutrition Plan PDF Exports
20170907 Training and Nutrition Plan PDF Exports

A new PDF export format for plans

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We've just released an experimental layout and formatting for the PDF exports for training and nutrition plans, recipes and shopping lists.

The improvements we've made so far

1. Cleaner look and feel across the whole PDF

2. Fonts that match the website in the PDF's

3. Better page breaking so 90% of the time it only creates a page break when it needs to. e.g if it can fit two weeks on one page then it will but if it'll only fit 1.5 weeks then it'll page break so it doesn't cut the week in half across pages. Sometimes it'll cut the week but rarely. The original version would always place a page break after each week regardless of whether two weeks could fit on a single page. This will help save more trees by on average reducing page count by 30-40% depending on the plan.

4. Recipes laid out two per page when printed as part of the plan.

5. The file size of the PDF's reduced by about 30% when the PDF contains a lot of images.

7. The week headers now display the weekly training volumes in hours and minutes instead of a decimal value. e.g 2:30 instead of 2.5 hours. This has also been fixed on the original PDF versions.

8. Bug where too many decimal places were being displayed on weekly volumes. This was fixed from no 7 above by formatting into hours and minutes and rounding to the nearest minute. Also fixed on original PDF versions.

We have noticed that the PDF processing time is longer when including recipes within a nutrition plan pdf but we are working on improving that.

We've left the existing "Export to PDF" button alone so users have the option of using the old version or the new version for now while we continue to improve it.

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