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20171024 Multiple Stripe Accounts
20171024 Multiple Stripe Accounts

It is now possible to connect more than one Stripe account to your site

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We've just released the ability to connect more than one Stripe account to your site. This will allow you to process payments for different membership plans and different ad-hoc payments through different Stripe accounts and ultimately into different bank accounts.

You can connect Stripe from the Payment Gateway section of the general tab on your platform settings page.

Use the "Connect a Stripe Account" button to connect one or more Stripe accounts. Give the account a memorable "friendly name" so you can easily identify it.

Now you can link a different Stripe account to a different membership plan or an ad-hoc payment.

Important notes:

  1. This will not effect historic payments or current recurring payments. Payments can not be moved between Stripe accounts. Only new payments will be affected.

  2. If you want your membership plans to be processed through the new Stripe account you must edit each membership plan to link the appropriate Stripe account. This will only be applied to new signups not existing signups.

For more detail information on the constraints of using more that one Stripe account and tips of when and when not to use more than one stripe account please read the following help article. Connecting one or More Stripe accounts

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