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20171122 Training Plan Add-Ons and Membership Plan advanced settings
20171122 Training Plan Add-Ons and Membership Plan advanced settings

You can now offer training plan add-ons as part of your membership plans.

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We've just released a group of nice features based around Membership plans to add flexibility to your offerings and some advanced settings. The features in this release are only available when using the Stripe payment gateway.

Training Plan Add-Ons

There is a new tab on Membership Plan setup that allows you to link Training Plans to the membership plans as add-ons. This differs from the Training Plans you can currently link to a membership on the "Plan Access" tab because it allows your customers to choose from a selection of Training Plans and it also allows you to offer those as up-sells by including a price on each Training Plan. You can also decide whether selecting a Training Plan is optional or required when the customer signs up to a membership or coaching plan.

Use case: This is great for selling memberships with a single membership plan but with multiple Training Plan options rather than having to create seperate Membership Plans. It's also great for optional up-sells for your memberships for gaining a little bit more revenue. Your customers are much more likely to add a plan to a purchase they've already committed to than buying it separately. 

The Setup Screens

The Signup Pages
When a customer signs up to a membership plan they will be presented with the available list of Training Plans. If there is a number of Training Plans available of a different type and different Training Level they will be able to filter by type and by their level. The price of the Training Plan will be a one-off cost (not recurring) that will be added to their cart total. After they signup the Training Plan will be available in their plans list along with any other plans they would normally receive as part of the membership plan.

Membership Plan Advanced Settings

You can now use the "Advanced" tab on the Membership Plan to override some of the default settings to make them more specific to the plan.

The following settings can be now be overridden for a specific Membership Plan

Payment Notifications
You can override the payment global payment notification settings for a membership plan. For example for an annual plan you may want to send a reminder email to your clients 7 days before their subscription is going be renewed to let them know they will need to cancel if they don't want to continue. But for a weekly or monthly plan you may not want to send a reminder. To set this up you need to first set the "override" option to true and then select the appropriate setting.

Default Email Signup Messages

You can setup custom messages that get sent to your clients during their signup processes. Prior to this release you could only configure global measures but now you can set up different messages for each membership plan. This is useful if you need your clients to take different actions depending on which Membership Plan they sign up to or you just want to give them different information.

Skip the Signup Success Message

 Some of our clients use third party email automation software to push their clients into a series of welcome and on-boarding emails instead of just the default success message. You can now configure this setting for each Membership plan. You first must set the override option to "on" and then select the appropriate option.

Other Changes in this Release

Require Acceptance of Terms from Invitations

If you have the "Require Acceptance of Terms" setting switched on the global settings page this will now take effect for "Invitations" as well as Membership Plan signups.

The Setting

The Invitation acceptance and account setup page

Cleaner look and feel on verification and account creation pages

We've cleaned up the email verification and account creation pages to bring them closer in line to the general look and feel of the platform. Previously these pages were using an older look and feel compared to the main platform.

Font sizes and wrapping of menu items in website menu

Prior to this release if there were a lot of menu items in your website menu it would wrap to two lines and appear under your logo (depending on your theme) which would in turn hide some of the upper content of you page. We've changed the font sizes so they are slightly smaller on smaller screens to avoid the wrapping as much as possible along with reducing the size of the logo in the header on smaller screens. If however the header does wrap due to a lot of menu items it will now push down the top content of the page so it is not hidden under the header.

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