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20171226 Product Display order and Shopping List enhancements
20171226 Product Display order and Shopping List enhancements

You can now control the order of your products in the store using the Display order field.

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Product Display Order

We've added a new field "Display Order" to the product detail screen. This allows you to control the default order in which your products appear in your store. The default display order is 100. Products with a lower display order number will appear earlier in the product search. The secondary field used for ordering products is the modified date that get's updated automatically when a new product is added or a product is edited. The display order field takes precedence but if two products have the same display order value then the modified date will determine the final order.

Ingredients and Shopping Lists

Variation of ingredient in a recipe
A new field "Variation" has been added to the recipe ingredients fields so that variations like "sliced", "chopped" etc can be added as part of an ingredient without having to add that variation to the name of the ingredient. This change allows the flexibility to add the variation but still enables ingredients to be aggregated in a shopping list correctly (aggregation is based on the exact name of the ingredient)

Aggregation of ingredients in shopping list
We've added some further aggregation of ingredients when a shopping list is generated from either a template meal plan or an athlete meal plan. We attempt to convert different units of measure like teaspoon, tablespoon, grams etc into a single unit of measure by converting each item. This means a shopping list should be much shorter and even if ingredients have been added to different recipes using different units of measure the ingredient should only appear once on the shopping list where previously it would appear multiple times. 

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