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20180323 Facebook Standard Events Enhancements
20180323 Facebook Standard Events Enhancements

We've added some slightly different layers of standard events to the membership signup pages.

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Today we released a slightly different approach to recording standard events on the sign up pages for your membership plans.

You can use these standard events in your Facebook advertising campaigns to detect if customers end up on the checkout page but don't continue or add their credit card details. That way you can use re-marketing to bring them back to the site if they've abandoned the checkout.

The standard events are now fired in this order

PageView: When they land on any page.

AddToCart: When the land on the signup form.

InitiateCheckout: After the filled in their name and email and have clicked the signup button to pop the credit card input form.

Purchase: After they enter their card details and it goes through successfully. (this happens like a thank you page)

You can read more details about how to use the standard events for recording conversions and tracking your customers in this Support Article

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