Note: This article explains how to import athlete workout history. For a guide to importing your workout catalog from Addaero see the guide to importing your workout catalog.

Before uploading athlete workout history first upload your workout catalog using these instructions.


Our import feature is restricted by the data that Addaero includes in their export tools. Addaero do not export the description field from the athlete workout history so in order to work around that when an athlete workout is imported we try to find a matching workout in your workout catalog and we then use the description field in that workout to populate the description field in the athlete workout. If we cannot find a matching workout in your catalog we use the athlete's comments on the athlete workout instead.


To import workout history from your Addaero athlete accounts first follow the guide to export your athlete workout history here to get the export files for each athlete.

Note: If you get any errors running the import double check your file to make sure there are no empty rows as sometimes Addaero will export blank rows into the data. This will cause an error when importing into Training Tilt. Open the file in a spreadsheet tool like excel or Google Sheets. Look for any blank rows like this that have no title or category. Delete/remove the blank rows. After fixing the file then "save as" or "download as" a csv file which is the required format for the import.

Step 1: Navigate to the import athlete workout history tool.

For now we have hidden this from the menu. To access the tool append the following to your unique platform url /platform/import/importtype/addaeroathleteworkouts

e.g if your site is then the page will be available here

Step 2: Select an Athlete

Use the athlete selector to select the correct athlete.

Step 3: Select the Exported File

Click the select file button and select the file you generated from Addaero. Ensure that the file is the correct one for the athlete.

Step 4: Start the Upload

Start the upload. Depending on the amount of data you are importing it may take a few minutes. The more history you attempt to upload the longer the process will take. We recommend uploading no more than 1 years total athlete history at any one time.

Step : Confirm the Import

After the import is complete visit the athletes calendar view and browse the workouts that have been imported.

If at any time you wish to restart the process, simply use the "Delete Date Range" button on the athletes calendar view to remove all workouts from a given date range.

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