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20180425 Sync Laps from Strava
20180425 Sync Laps from Strava

Enriched Strava data now include laps. and also made it possible to manually sync with a Strava activity from the calendar view.

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Strava Sync Enriched with Lap Data

We now pull through lap data from athlete Strava activities via either a manual or auto sync.

Note: previously sync'd data won't have the laps tab but you can easily just re-sync using the sync tab to bring across laps for historic workouts.

New Sync Tab on Calendar View

Athletes/Coaches can now manually sync Strava data to athlete workouts from both the calendar view and the dashboard view. Previously the manual sync was only available on the dashboard view.

Check under the "Sync" tab for a workout.

Slight change to the layout of the workout search from inside a workout. The results now display in the main window rather than being squashed into the workout window.

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