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20180524 Training Statistics
20180524 Training Statistics

You can now, view and filter athlete training statistics and trends over time.

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As we continue our push for better analysis tools in the platform, this week we've released a substantial improvement in the visibility of athlete metrics and statistics over time.

Athletes and coaches can now visualize changes in training load, performances and other metrics over time. Data can be filtered by date and by workout type and can be grouped daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Statistics can be viewed from the "Training Statistics" tab on the athlete dashboard.

Filtering and Grouping

Use the date filter to pick from the preset time span options or choose custom dates.

Group by daily, weekly, monthly or annual data.

Filter by grouped types or specific types e.g "All Running" or "All Cycling", or simply just "Running".

Metrics Available

Planned vs Actual Volume in distance and time.

Average Speed, Power, Heart Rate and Cadence (stroke rate, cadence, stride rate)

Speed and heart rate shown below as examples

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