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20180712 Data Enrichment
20180712 Data Enrichment

New charts for individual workouts enriching data. We've also moved a few things around.

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We've just release some changes to show more data from workouts. We've also shifted around a few things now we've got a lot more to show. Watch the video of the new screens or read on for all the details.

New Data Charts

We now show elevation, pace, heart rate, speed, power and temperature charts for individual workouts. This data is available on the dashboard and in calendar view.

Full Screen Workouts on Calendar View

The calendar view now shows workouts in full screen view.

Actual Data Fields Have Moved

On the dashboard Actual data used to appear in the "Data Tab" summary data now shows above the new graphs with the rest of the data showing below the graphs under the "Stats" tab along with the Laps and Sync tabs. The calendar view has the same layout but it's all still under the "Data" tab. 

Manually Editing Actuals

If you don't auto sync your data with your device you can still manually update your data fields by clicking the "Edit Values" button. Once you've edited them you need to click the save button as usual.

Dashboard Workout Headers

The workouts showing on the dashboard are now more aligned with the calendar view. Each workout has an expandable and collapsible header.

The headers also indicate a completed and/or sync'd workout with the tick and circular icons. The third arrows icon just indicate it can be expanded or collapsed.

Athlete Training Statistics

We've also made some small visual changes to the athlete training statistics on the dashboard view. We now use area graphs instead of line graphs for a smoother look and feel. We also now map consolidated minimum, average and maximum heart rate on the heart rate chart.

Area Graphs

Heart Rate Data x 3

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