You can now hide future workouts from athletes by specifying a maximum number of days of training to show athletes in advance.

You can set this value at a global level or you can set it per athlete.

This has been a regularly requested feature from coaches recently so very happy to make it available and I hope it makes your planning a little bit easier!

Important Notes: The configuration you set will only apply to workouts that have been prescribed to the athlete by a coach. The settings will not apply if an athlete has created a training session for themselves or if they have applied a training plan to their own schedule. If a coach applies a training plan to the athlete then the setting will apply.

The settings will also only apply to workouts that were created or edited on an athlete calendar by a coach on or after the date this feature was first released. 20th of August 2018 Universal Time.

On the mobile apps depending on the athletes time zone they may see one extra day of training than configured. This is because the mobile apps have not been updated to send their time zone to the server yet. Once that has been updated on the mobile apps it will match the configured value correctly.

You can follow the full instructions on how to configure hiding future training from your athletes here.

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