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How to Sell Fixed Length Training Plan Online Access via the API
How to Sell Fixed Length Training Plan Online Access via the API

How to sell access to training plans as a membership via the api

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If you are on our plans that includes API access you can sell memberships and training plans (via a membership) from your own non Training Tilt website or third party online store.

One option for using the API is to sell online access to your training plans via a membership plan.

First you need to be familiar with how to use the api to sell memberships in general.

Fixed Length Training Plans via the API

To sell a training plans via the api you can follow the straight forward process.

Create a single membership plan.

You don't need to create a membership plan for each training plan you intend to sell. You can sell multiple Training Plans with just the use of a single membership plan. 

Note: If you want to offer different time periods of access to training plans however you may need to set up a membership plan for each different time period. e.g one membership plan for a 12 week time period but can be used with any number of training plans as long as the length of access you want to give the customers is the same. If you also have 16 week training plans then you can set up a second membership plan for the 16 week training plans.

If you want to restrict the time period of the membership plan you can do this by making it a fixed length membership plan.

The screen shot below shows how to set up a membership plan that will give 90 days worth of access.

Note: You should NOT link the training plans directly to this membership plan as that will give all the customers who signup to the membership plan access to all the training plans linked.

Instead you should create one membership tag mapping for each different training plan.

Create Membership Tag Mappings.

Create a new tag mapping for each training plan you want to sell via the api. Use the product id or product reference of each training plan from your website or third party shopping cart as the tag value.

Select the same membership plan you created and link that for each tag mapping. 

For each tag mapping select a different training plan

Set up the API Calls

Now set up the api call(s) that pass in the tag. In the example an api call will either pass in 58719, 58266 or 1453537 each representing a different training plan.

Each of these calls will trigger the customer to be signed up to the same membership plan but will give them access to a different training plan as configured in the tag mappings.

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