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20181102 Contact Form Spam Prevention Enhancements
20181102 Contact Form Spam Prevention Enhancements

New tools to stop spam from your contact form

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We've been getting lots of reports of increased numbers of spam contact requests coming through the contact pages of our customers Training Tilt websites. 

It appears the spammers and bots have become much smarter than our spam random image text prevention tools.

So we've now implemented Googles "Recaptcha" invisible spam protection on all of our customers contact forms on their websites.

The great thing about Googles Recaptcha is that Google are constantly tracking both spam bots and "real people" who are submitting spam around the Internet. Google uses it's cleverness to detect who is spammy and who is legitimate.

The other great thing about using Googles spam tools is that if we see more spam coming through we can wind up the security from our Google console to add more protection. Currently we've got the settings in the mid range to avoid disrupting your real customers from filling in your contact forms. The last thing we want to do is prevent your customers getting in touch with you. We also have live access to analytics that Google records for us so we can check how much spam we are stopping at any time.

So please report any spam you get via your contact page on your Training Tilt website to and we will take the appropriate action!

Here's what the new form looks like. The Google protection badge is showing subtly in the bottom right hand corner and in most cases real customers will not be affected at all as Google is checking for spammers in the background. If Google does suspect some spam in may popup some images etc and will ask the customer a few questions to prove they are human.

Standard Spam Protection is Invisible apart from badge

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