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20181204 Reply to Options and Workout Hover
20181204 Reply to Options and Workout Hover
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We've just released a couple of feature improvements.

The Features

1. Reply to Options for Messaging

When you create a message to your clients in the system you can now configure who's email address will be in the reply to field when your clients reply to the message.

The options are

  • Your email address

  • The default email address for your site

  • The athletes assigned coaches email address

  • A custom email address you can enter at the time of sending the message

2. Workout Search Hover Detail

When you are searching workouts while you have a day open in the calendar view you can now hover over the workout from the library to see the detail.

These features were both created in collaboration with one of our customers Shem Leong from Braves Coaching. Braves website and coaching platform are run through the Training Tilt software.

Braves' Coaching is multi-sport coaching company based out of Singapore with athletes all over the world. We provide expert endurance coaching and real solutions for everyday athletes. Our services include online coaching, weekly squad sessions, training camps and corporate consultation. With over 10 years of professional coaching experience, our unique training formula, Plan B, has helped 100's of athletes, from brand newbies to World Championship Qualifiers, achieve their goals. Responsible and intelligent coaching coupled with a high level of communication ensure our athletes enjoy longevity in the sport.  

Shem had this to say about the new features.

"The new features in Training Tilt have allowed us to organize the Braves Training Library more efficiently and build our athletes' custom plans quicker. Coaches are now able to search for and access specific session plans, truly, at their fingertips. 

Training Tilt's flexible "sender/ receiver" email configuration also 1) provides a a better flow of communication between our coaches and 2) facilitates the on- boarding and learning process of new coaches. 

Thank you for listening to our feedback and continually upgrading your platform TT - love your work!"

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