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20190124 Files Attached to Workout Library
20190124 Files Attached to Workout Library

We've just released the ability to attach files to workouts in your library so athletes can download them from the calendar or dashboard.

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You can now attach files to the workouts in your library.

These can be of any file type. Once a file is attached, and the workout is linked to a training plan or an athlete calendar the workout file can be downloaded by the athlete.

This feature can be used for files compatible with other training systems. For example you can upload zwo files for Zwift workouts or fit files for Garmin devices.

You could also use this feature for more simple file types like PDF documents, images, or text documents.

Currently you can not generate these files within Training Tilt. You will need to use other systems to create the files before attaching them to workouts. For example a great tool for quickly creating Zwift files is ZWO Factory.

This release is for the web app only. The ability for athletes to download the files from the mobile app will be in upcoming release. For now athletes will need to use the mobile version of the web app to download the files to their mobile devices.

Uploading the Files

To upload a file first go to the coaching menu and access the "Library" menu item. You can then create a new workout or update an existing one. Then click the "Downloadable Files" tab.

Click the "upload" button to attach a file to the workout then select a file from your computer to upload. When you have uploaded all the files, save the workout.

Downloading the Files

Athletes can then download the files if they have the workout on their calendar or a training plan they have access to. They can also download the file from their dashboard view.

Calendar or Training Plan View

Dashboard View

Foot note:

We are currently planning to build a "structured workout builder" so you can build and download structured workouts right within the platform. This feature is currently still in the planning phase.

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