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20190314 Export an Athlete Calendar to a Training Plan
20190314 Export an Athlete Calendar to a Training Plan

You can now take an athlete calendar and export the workouts within a date rate to create a new template Training Plan

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Training plans building can be time consuming.

Often you might not want to start from scratch with a new Training Plan so instead you can now export a date range of training sessions from an clients calendar and turn it into a Training Plan. You can then use that Training Plan for other athletes or publish it to the online store.

There is now a new button above an athlete calendar

Then you can just select the date range and the plan will be created with all the athlete workouts that fall within that range. You can check the "open for editing" box if you want to make some changes straight away. You should also go to the plan list and change the description, plan type, plan level to make the finishing touches.

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