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20190327 Separate Workout Notification Settings
20190327 Separate Workout Notification Settings
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Written by Cam Langsford
Updated over a week ago

We've now separated the workout feedback notification settings so coaches can decide which specific types of feedback about a clients workout they receive.

Workout Comments

This notification is for when a client leaves a comment against a workout. Prior to this change this notification setting would also include when the client simply marked their workout as completed. Marked as complete is now a separate setting.

Marked as Complete

This is now a separate notification setting. This allows the coach to choose not to receive a notification for this action while still receiving actual comment notifications.

Workout Synced

This is a brand new type of notification so coaches can choose to be notified when a workout is synced from a clients device. Because this is a new setting it is configured to be off by default but you can turn it on if you'd like to receive these notifications.

You can configure your notification settings from the top right hand menu. For more information on how to configure you notification settings see the Workout Feedback Settings article.

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