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20190114 Interactive Training Plan Store
20190114 Interactive Training Plan Store
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A more engaging way to sell training plans in your online store.

The training plan store now has a completely different design the normal store pages

Some Info on How your Store Works

NOTE: Your plans will still show in the generic store page as normal but the plans pages has a new design. The detail page for the plans has changed too and this has changed regardless of whether the customer found the plan on the generic store page or the plans store page.

Generic store is on your site here

The plan specific store is here

Both of these individual pages can be toggled on and off from the menu customizations tab in your platform settings. It's a good idea to have these as two seperate menu items on your website now they are significantly different.

The Changes to the Plans Store

We've added metrics and charts to the training plan store so your customers can see much more information on each of the training plans you have for sale.

Plan type, training level, author, duration are now shown as labels on each plan.

We've also added a pie chart that indicates the average weekly time for each workout type that makes up the plan. There is also a bar chart that displays the total training volume in time for each week of the plan.

All this information is shown on both the main plans store and also in the detail view for each plan.

We have also added some advanced filtering so that your customers can search for plans based on the plan type and/or the training level.

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