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20190605 Active Campaign Integration
20190605 Active Campaign Integration

Trigger marketing automations and email sequences from Training Tilt with our new ActiveCampaign integration

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We now integrate with ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is a marketing and email automation platform that helps you go beyond just email.

With the integration you can map your tags in ActiveCampaign to actions that your customers take within your Training Tilt platform.

Some examples

Send a series of welcome and onboarding emails when your customers signup to certain products or membership plans.

Remove customers from sales/marketing automation after they purchase or signup

Trigger value based emails based on customer behaviour. For example send them a series of emails about a training plan after they apply that training plan to their calendar.

We also integrate with Drip and ConvertKit to provide similar functionality.

Get in touch to get your ActiveCampaign integration setup.

Note: you must be on our Standard plan or above to use any of our marketing automation integrations.

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