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20191104 Garmin and Strava Scores + Calendar Enhancements
20191104 Garmin and Strava Scores + Calendar Enhancements
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Some nice changes we've released today that introduces some new simple analysis numbers pulled in from Strava and Garmin and also some formatting changes to training plans and athlete calendars to make things easier to see and under stand.

Garmin Training Effect

For athletes syncing with Garmin Connect we now show Garmin's calculation of Training Effect on workouts pulled through from Garmin Connect. This is a calculation established by First Beat and you can read more about the aerobic and anaerobic numbers here. Aerobic Training Effect and Anaerobic Training Effect.

We also now show an indicator of Garmin sync'd workouts on the calendar view.

Strava Relative Effort

For athletes syncing with Strava and who subscribe to the "Summit" Strava membership we now show Strava's Relative Effort score. You can read more about the Relative Effort score here.

Calendar View Formatting Changes

Workout Types
We have replaced our workout type icons like BKE for bike, RUN for run, and OTH for other etc with bolded words instead of the icons. 

The icons did not make it particularly easy to understand what the workout type was so the full text is now included.

Planned and Actual Time and Distance

We now show both planned time and distance on the calendar view where previously you had to open up the workout to see any planned distances.

For completed workouts we now also show actual time and distance without having to go into the detail of the workout.

Other Small Changes

No more annoying green bars

When using the plan builder and saving multiple workouts at the same time then green success bar would show across the top of the page for every workout that was saved. This would often get in the way of the screen and you would have to wait for them to disappear. Now only one green success bar will show allowing you to continue to work on the calendar.

PDF Export changes

PDF exports now display both planned distance and planned time where they used to only show planned time. Also if the planned time is not set the pdf's used to show 00h00m but now it will not show anything if there is no planned time set.

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