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20191230 Training Calendar Infinite Scroll
20191230 Training Calendar Infinite Scroll
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We've just released infinite scrolling on the training calendar. Some of you might have noticed this feature was released just before Christmas and removed again a few days latter. This was due to some issues some users had on particular devices related to performance. This release has addressed those issues.

The Old Way

Previously by default we only displayed 8 weeks of training on a training calendar and you'd need click the "more" or the "back" or "forward" buttons to navigate into the past or the future.

The New Way

Now you can just scroll through the weeks and the calendar will fetch training data from the past or the future depending on which direction you are scrolling.

Volume Charts

The volume charts will now show the current 12 weeks of data that is in the current scroll-able view. As you scroll this 12 weeks will just scroll through the dates with you. You can still hover over a week on the volume charts to show the dates it's representing.

Today and Date Buttons

We've moved the "Today" and "Date" buttons to the top of the screen so that you can easily navigate to today's date by hitting the Today button or go to a specific date by hitting the Date button.

Collapsing other Tools

With the new buttons and some other tools we've added this year the button bar at the top was becoming very crowded so we have collapsed the less frequently used options into a new "More tools" drop down.

Bug Fixes

We also fixed a bug when using the "Repeat for Weeks" option. There was a bug when repeating a workout for weeks on an athlete calendar would only repeat for a maximum of the number of currently displayed weeks instead of the number entered. For example if you entered repeat for 12 weeks but the calendar was only showing 8 weeks in the current view then only 8 weeks would be repeated instead of 12.

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