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20200504 Export to TrainingPeaks format + bug fixes
20200504 Export to TrainingPeaks format + bug fixes
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Export to TrainingPeaks format

You can now export a training plan to training peaks format. This will allow a work around to export an entire training plan then re-import it into Training Tilt as a workout library.

Note this feature does not allow you to export to the TrainingPeaks account as they do not offer this as a feature. It just allows you to export to the same spreadsheet format that their own workout summary export allows for.

The feature is available from the Training Plan list page.

Bug fixes

Rich detail will now show for videos in the mobile app.

Advanced instructions for workouts will now show in the mobile app

There was a bug where in some instances the videos linked to a workout would not show in the mobile app. This has now been fixed

Line breaks will now show on the video description in both the web and the mobile apps where they previously did not.

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