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20170127 Training Plans - Copying Weeks and Days
20170127 Training Plans - Copying Weeks and Days

You can now copy and paste entire weeks or days of workouts.

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Today we've released the ability to copy and past an entire week or entire day within the plan builder. It's a feature we've had a lot of requests for so we are stoked to make it available to help our coaches save time.

To copy a week or a day the process is the same as if you were copying an individual work except the copy function is on either the week row or the day itself.

Copying and pasting a week

Click on the bars in the header column of a week and select "Copy Plan". This is the same process for either a template plan or when editing an athletes plan directly.

Then go to the week you want to paste it into follow the same process and select "Paste Week"

Copying and Pasting a Day

To copy and paste an entire days workouts click the bars on a single day and select "Copy Day".

To paste the day just click the bars on a different day and select "Paste"

Formatting of Volume Duration

We've also improved the formatting of volume duration on the charts on both the plans pages and the athlete dashboards. The volume now shows hours in minutes in the form hh:mm instead of a rounded decimal. 

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