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20200906 Training Plan Search Improvements
20200906 Training Plan Search Improvements
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We've made some small improvements to make it easier for coaches and clients to search for training plans from within the platform and from the Training Plan store.

  1. Advanced Search Option

We've added a simple enhancement and created it as an "Advanced Search" option. By default, the text search searches both the title and the description of the plan but in some cases, this does not retrieve the desired results. For example, the description field can include text like 5k, 10k, 20k in a full marathon plan so when the person searching types in 5k then it can also return plans based on other race distances. This is not the intention of the search. The advanced search now allows you to choose to only search the text within the title of a plan, not the description.

2. Member Plan type and level filters

When a member is searching plans they will only see the plans that they have purchased or have been given access to via a membership plan or manually by a coach. However, up till now the filters for plan type and plan level were showing all of the options for filtering plans that existed in the system, not just the plans that a member had access to. This confused members because they would use a search filter like "70.3 Distance Plan" and if they didn't have access to a 70.3 plan then there would be no results in the list. The new correct is that the filters only show the types and levels of plans that the member has access to.

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