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20210104 Recipe Security and Event Date Time Zones
20210104 Recipe Security and Event Date Time Zones
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Today we release a couple of changes for recipes and date conversions in the system.

Recipe Security

You can now manage access to your recipes via client groups as you can with many of the other content items in the system. To manage access edit a recipe and select a client group from the drop-down. If no groups are selected then Recipes are available to everyone, if a group is selected then only members of that group will be able to see the recipes.

Date Timezones for Scheduled Events

When adding a scheduled event or an athlete event the timezone of the event is now a required field. Once an event is saved with a timezone it will enable coaches and athletes to see the event date specified in the date and time of the event timezone but it will also convert it to the users local time. This is particularly useful for coaches running online events with clients in multiple timezones.

Editing View

Client View in Different Timezone

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