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20210310 Signup History Improvements and Two-way Stripe Cancellations
20210310 Signup History Improvements and Two-way Stripe Cancellations
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Three changes in this release around Stripe subscriptions.

Signup and Invitation History

The first is on the "Signup and Invitation History" page that is available from the client list page. This page shows the history of signups triggered by membership plan signups or sending of manual invitations.

We've made some improvements to the user interface to make it easier to track where the history has come from.

The first change is that we have added clickable links for Stripe signups that can take you directly to the subscription, payment or customer records directly in your Stripe account.

For example, It's handy to figure out if customers have made payments but have not yet created their accounts, or if they have signed up more than once but only created one account leaving no way to manage their duplicate subscription form Training Tilt. You can click through to the "pending" status records and cancel any duplicate subscriptions.

The following screenshot shows what it might look like if someone signs up twice but only creates one account.

Now you can easily go and refund and/or cancel the duplicate payment that is still pending and not linked to an account. Note: if the customer signed up for two different types of products intentionally you should just use the envelope icon to resend the pending one so they can attach it to their existing account.

But if they did not intend to sign up twice you can click through directly to Stripe to either their customer account or the subscription record.

If you cancel in Stripe then Stripe will also trigger for the invitation/signup history record to be deleted in Training Tilt so it can no longer be used to create an account.

We have also added the ability to delete the invitations/tokens directly from Training Tilt so they can no longer be used but bear in mind you should only do this if you have already dealt with the subscriptions/refunds in Stripe.

Two Way Stripe Cancellations

The second change in this release is the addition of two-way cancellations between Stripe and Training Tilt. Prior to this release, the only way to safely cancel a subscription was to cancel the subscription in Training Tilt and that would automatically cancel the subscription in Stripe. But if you were to cancel the subscription directly in your Stripe account first that would not cancel the account in Training Tilt and the client would still be able to use their account until you cancel in there as well.

Now if a cancellation occurs in Stirpe either manually or based on your automatic failed payment rules in Stripe it will also cancel the account in Training Tilt.

Note: If you want to check your failed payment automation rules in Stripe you can do so by checking this page in your Stripe account

Membership Plan Mentioned in Cancellation Email

When one of your clients cancels their subscription with you Training Tilt sends the admin/coach of the platform an email notifying you of a cancellation. Previously this email did not include any specific information about which membership plan the client had cancelled. The notification email now references which membership plan was cancelled.

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