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20210320 Link Invitation/Subscription to existing members
20210320 Link Invitation/Subscription to existing members
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Sometimes when you send invitations to existing clients or existing clients purchase a new subscription the do not complete the signup process and link the new subscription or invitation to their existing account. This leaves the invitations/subscriptions in pending status until they do so. This becomes a problem if coaches or members need to cancel or switch their memberships or update their payment details.

We have now created the ability for coaches to manually link the invitations/subscriptions to the existing client accounts.

To access the feature first go to the Client list from the People menu and click the "Signup and Invitation History" button.

Then find a record in "pending" status and click the link button.

Select the client and then click the "Link to account" button.

The client will now have the benefits and payments etc attached to their account and the invitation/subscription will be marked as "accepted". The record of the invitation/subscription will now appear on their account page.

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