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20210511 Form Enhancements
20210511 Form Enhancements
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Today we released some enhancements to our forms feature.

New Field Types

We've added two new field types "Email Address" and "Formatted explanation or additional info".

Email address is self-explanatory and allows you to add a field that ensures a correctly formatted email address is entered.

Formatted explanation or additional info is a field that is not a question but can be used to add formatted HTML so you can give additional information or explain parts of the form in more detail.

The field will show in the form as formatted HTML

Formatted Instructions Field

The instructions field now has an editor so you can add simple formatting to your questions instructions.

Login Prompt

If your clients aren't logged in when they visit the form there is a prompt for them to do so to ensure the submitted form is correctly linked to their account. Once they do login they will be automatically redirected back to the form submission.

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