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20210529 Notes and Replies Improvements
20210529 Notes and Replies Improvements
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Written by Cam Langsford
Updated over a week ago

We've just made some small improvements to the client notes feature.

Previously when notified of a new note from a coach or client the link would take you straight to the note itself. Then to add a new note as a reply you would have to close that note then click the Add Note button before writing a reply.

There was also some confusion around how to reply to a note. Because a client note is editable by coaches it was confusing whether the coach should just add a new line to the existing note and click Save. This would actually just edit the clients or coaches original note rather than creating a new reply. That would result in no notification being sent to the client.

Now you can reply directly without having to close the original note. There is also now a reply button for each note in the list of past notes.

Replying to a note popup from a notification now looks like this.

And from the note list there is now a reply button to view the note and create a reply at the same time.

To avoid any confusion around how to reply to a note we have now restricted the ability to edit notes. Only the author of a note can edit an existing note now, coaches will not be able to edit their clients notes but instead will need to reply to them.

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