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20210707 Manually Sync Garmin Workouts
20210707 Manually Sync Garmin Workouts

If connected to Garmin clients and coaches can now manually sync planned workouts with workouts from the clients Garmin Connect account.

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Clients and coaches can now sync planned workouts with completed activities from the client Garmin account. This is is useful if the auto-sync service incorrectly maps activities to the wrong workout or if a client wants to backdate up to 7 days of their historic Garmin activities.

NOTE: Garmin only stores up to 7 days worth of activities that they make available for manual syncing.

To manually sync go to the client calendar or dashboard and open a planned workout.

Click on the "Analyze" tab and then on the "Sync" tab.

Then you should see the Garmin activity dropdown. Click the drop-down to load the activities. The dropdown will load activities for the current day but also for days just before and after the current day.

Once you select an activity the sync button will appear. Click the button and the workout will be synced with the Garmin activity.

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