Building structured workouts with threshold percentages just got a lot easier.

Now when you are building workouts you can use a "Sample" threshold value so that when you are building the workout using percentages you can see the corresponding actual Power, HR, Pace and Speed values.

While in the library and template plans this will be a "Sample" value that you can edit while building. But if you are building directly against an athletes calendar it will show the athletes actual Threshold values and use those to do the calculations.

Library and Template Plan Mode

In Library and template mode a default "Sample" threshold value is now present, you can edit this value to suit your needs.


The sample values are used to calculate and display the absolute Pace, Power, HR and Speed values based on the percentage values you enter


Athlete Calendar Mode

In athlete calendar mode the athletes actual threshold values are loaded


This value will be used to calculate the actual values the athlete will be prescribed for each interval.


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