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20211012 Select and Delete Multiple Workouts + New Calendar Design
20211012 Select and Delete Multiple Workouts + New Calendar Design
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A few nice changes in the calendar this week along with some enhancements to make it more efficient to manage plans

Select and Delete

You can now select workouts by individual workout, day or week and then delete them all at once. A much faster way to clean up a plan or an athlete calendar.

You can select an entire week


A day at a time


Or just select one workout at a time


Once selected you can click to delete all the selected workouts at once. Or deselect them all to start over.


Delete Full Week Improvement

The delete full week option used to be available only from the athlete calendar, not from a template training plan. This function is now available across both views. Additionally deleting a full week used to then force a page reload, this is no longer necessary.


Calendar Design and Layout

The calendar layout has been redesigned to make it cleaner looking on the page and make way for some future changes we have planned.

Cleaner Calendar

The calendar view is now cleaner on the page. The columns are all a consistent height vs different heights based on how many workouts were on each day. We've also created a bit of extra real estate so we will have more space for a weekly summary column that will be coming soon.


Background Color for Past and Future Dates

Dates in the past now have a white background whereas future dates have a grey background.


Easier to Navigate Mobile Web Layout

We've adjusted the web layout of the calendar view on a mobile browser to be easier to navigate and to be able to see more than a single day at a time like the previous mobile web view.


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