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Integrating membership sites with existing websites
Integrating membership sites with existing websites

How to integrate your membership plans with your existing website

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Often users of the platform already have websites that they wish to integrate with their Training Tilt membership sites with.
Our api's offer some integration with existing websites and e-commerce platforms.

Levels of integration

Full API integration

This involves hosting signup pages on your own sites and handling payments and transactions using your own e-commerce systems. Once payments are successful code from your website triggers our api's which will then start the signup process. You can read more about how the signup process works for a fully api integrated setup in our Membership Subscriptions API walk through.

This approach requires you to handle your own payment processing using existing e-commerce systems.

Reasons to use this level of integration

  • If you have existing marketing automation that you which to continue with

  • When you want to use your own payments and e-commerce systems and are already taking payments on your own site

  • You want to host and have more control over your signup pages and forms

  • When you can provide the ability for your members to cancel their memberships and payments from your own site

Reasons not to use this level of integration

  • If you don't have e-commerce and payments systems set up and can't securely take payments on your own site

  • When you want to keep it simpler but still offer a high level of service

  • You don't want to deal with handing payments and cancellations on your own site

This involves turning off the public website feature in Training Tilt but leaving the hosted signup pages turned on and adding links to your existing website that point to the signup pages on your Training Tilt site. All payments/subscriptions/cancellations can be done from with the Training Tilt platform. With this approach all e-commerce activities including taking payments is handled by the Training Tilt platform.

Reasons to use this level of integration

  • You don't want to handle e-commerce on your existing site.

  • You don't already have the ability to take payments on your own website

  • You want Training Tilt to handle the heavy lifting

Reasons not to use this level of integration

  • You already have payment processing setup for recurring payments and have existing clients using it

  • If you want more flexibility to control the way your signup pages work.

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