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Structured Workout Builder
Structured Workout Builder
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This document will be updated as we make changes to the builder.

Please refer to this document before suggesting changes or reporting bugs as we may already be aware of the bugs or planning on making enhancements or changes.

For more detailed information and to suggest your own ideas, and to see what's planned next visit our Roadmap and Ideas platform here.

Current Work

We are currently working on AI tools so you can generate a structured workout by selecting a few options from a dropdown about the workout and then using free text to type and tell the AI what you want. This will save having to drag and drop intervals and just make things faster and easier.

May 30, 2023

You can now select RPE (Rate of perceived Exertion) for the type of structured workouts and then enter an RPE 1-10 for each interval.

You can also now use a Zone number to set the intensity using a zone number of 1-10. Zones will be "index" based. So if you set an intensity to be Zone 6 then when the athlete uses the workout it will use the sixth zone in their zone range for that workout type. So for example if they have their zones set as Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5a, Z5b then Z5b will be used because it's the sixth zone in the range.

March 16, 2022

Two new things in this release. "Lap button press" for durations and "No target" or "Open" intensities in structured workouts.

You can now configure structured workouts to have an open duration so that your clients can use the lap button on their devices to progress to the next interval.

This is a great option for workouts where the warmup needs to finish only once they reach a specific place on their run or bike. For example, I have a run I do where I start the intervals once I reach the top of a climb. I never arrive right at the end of the 25-minute warmup so this feature lets me start my intervals exactly when I need to.

You can now also configure "Not target" or "Open" intensities on intervals. This is great for warm-ups, rest periods and cool downs where you don't have a specific intensity in mind. This avoids the annoying warnings going off and saves you from having to set broad intensity ranges in intervals.

March 01, 2022

You can now send structured workouts to your Garmin account of any type, where previously you could only send Running and Cycling Workouts.

September 24, 2021

Building structured workouts with threshold percentages just got a lot easier.

Now when you are building workouts you can use a "Sample" threshold value so that when you are building the workout using percentages you can see the corresponding actual Power, HR, Pace and Speed values.

Learn more about this improvement in our announcement here

August 17, 2021

Athletes and coaches can now send structured workouts to their Garmin Calendar so they will be loaded automatically onto their Garmin Devices. More info is here in the release notes.

We've also made some bug fixes and general improvements

June 30, 2021

Some bigger changes were released today making the workout builder more flexible and available in the calendar and training plan view.

Available in Calendar

You can now edit your structured workouts in calendar view. Clients can now also edit and create their own structured workouts in their calendar.

Customize for Training Plan or Client

Structured workouts can now be customized inside a training plan or for a client regardless of whether the original workout was from the library. When saving a change in the calendar view, you can decide whether to update the original library workout or save it directly to the Training Plan or the client in context.

Setting Intensity Based on HR, Pace or Speed % of Threshold

You can now base the target intensity on HR, Pace, Power or Speed thresholds

FIT File Download

For the first time, you can now download the FIT file version of your structured workouts.

March 17, 2021

We've been working hard on the workout builder for the last few months and have a few bigger changes coming but we have to admit we should have been doing smaller and more regular releases to keep things moving rather than trying to tackle everything at once.

So today we pushed out a smaller change so coaches can now add text-based guidance to their structured workouts that will appear on the screen when each step/interval of a workout starts. This will currently work in both Zwift and TrainerRoad files. This is a great way to make sure your clients are following the workout correctly and also to keep them motivated and maybe even entertained during the workout.

The messages will start at the beginning of each step and show on screen for 10 seconds in TrainerRoad and the default time period in Zwift.

More info in the release notes here.

Dec 11, 2020

Structured workouts now appear in the mobile apps for athletes planned workouts. The zwo and mrc files can now be downloaded directly from mobile apps.

Dec 3, 2020 Update

We are currently finalizing testing on the mobile apps for displaying structured workouts in athlete calendars and the ability to download the structured workout files direct from the mobile apps.

In the web app we've added some small enhancements to the structured workout diagrams. Hovering over the workout now highlights the interval/segment and shows a tooltip of the volume and intensity of the segment.

October 29, 2020 Update

We've just released our new Training Zones functionality that will enable us to extend the workout builder further. You can learn more about the Training Zones release here

May 28, 2020, Update

Structured workouts now show in Training Plans, Client Calendar and the Client Dashboard view. You still need to use the Workout Library to build the workout but it will automatically show in plans and client workouts that were created using the library workout.

Important Notes on Beta Release

The workout builder is currently only available from the workout library feature and NOT from when creating a workout inside a training plan.

Any workouts you've already built will show up in training plans and athlete calendars assuming the workout in the plan or calendar was created from the library workout either by dragging and dropping or selecting from the list of workouts. This, for now, is just for the web apps. Structured workouts will not appear in the mobile apps yet.

If you distribute your downloaded workout files (Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy) please ensure you communicate that these were created with beta software and may not function correctly. Before distributing please test the files in the appropriate platform first and let us know if you find any issues.

The current beta version of the workout builder only supports

  1. Intervals measured in time but not distance

  2. Target intensities in % of Threshold Power, HR, Pace and Speed only

  3. Downloading ZWO (Zwift) and MRC (TrainerRoad and Rouvy) and FIT (Garmin and others)

Future versions will support

  1. Additional target intensity absolute values.

  2. Ability to set "No target" for intensity and "Open/Lap button press" as duration of intervals

  3. We will also introduce intensities based on Training Zones.

  4. Downloading additional file types such as ERG (TrainerRoad and others)

  5. Export/Sync to Garmin Calendar

How to access the workout builder in beta mode

The workout builder is only available for registered beta users. Please contact us using the chat if you are an existing coach and would like to be added to the beta list.

When you are added to the beta group, you'll be sent an email with the special link that will turn on the beta workout builder. You will need to use this link every time you want to use the workout builder while it is still in beta mode.

How to provide feedback

While logged into the platform please use the chat to provide your feedback. Please include as much detail as possible when providing feedback or reporting bugs. Screen shots and detailed step by step explanations will make it easier for us to interpret and act on your feedback. If you have time for creating screen videos this would be very much appreciated.

Brief guide to using the builder

Access the builder using the special link from your beta tester registration email

Edit an existing or create a new workout in the library and click on the "Structured Workout" tab. Click the build button to start building your workout.

A new workout will have some default intervals which you can remove, edit or add to. You can add new intervals by using the buttons in the header, or by clicking the + button on any of the existing intervals to add a new interval directly after.

You'll notice that some of the dropdowns are disabled and cannot be selected. These will be enabled in future releases for additional options.

You can re-order the intervals by clicking, holding and dragging an interval using the drag handles.

You can save your workout by clicking the save button. One saved your workout structure will appear back on the library workout "Structured Workout" tab.

You can download the structured workouts in the supported formats using the download buttons. You can remove (delete) the structured workout from the library workout using the Remove button.

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